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Fancy living apart from the rest? For Canada\´s elite this is it. For as long as most can remember Rosedale has been the proverbial brass ring for Toronto home buyers and it\´s difficult to argue with almost 200 years of local history so we won\´t bother. People from all walks of life have aspired to scale its crenelated ramparts and dwell amongst its winding lanes and secluded dales but few are given the opportunity. Rosedale is where Toronto\´s nobility lives and it\´s consistently ranked as one of the wealthiest and most highly-priced/prized areas in the country. Contributing to the sense of seclusion, Rosedale has purposefully-convoluted routes through it and thus has remarkably low levels of congestion, and even though its located in the middle of Toronto, virtually no traffic can be heard due to the abundance of trees and foliage that surround the community. Though running at the mouth with adjectives like \"exclusive\" and \"private\", Rosedale does share a kind of common duality with its somewhat shabbier midtown neighbours, the juxtaposed proximity to bustling Yonge Street convenience and access to pristine parkland. Bordered by one of the most interesting commercial strips of Yonge and containing some of the most attractive residential properties, parks and ravines in the City, Rosedale reigns supreme. Bridal Path homes might be bigger, Forest Hill\´s might be more grandiose, but in this town reputation is everything. Want to live in an area like this? Contact us today!
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